Our Horses

The best place to practice horse riding in Senna Comasco

Our pony farm in Esperia was born in 2012, out of the passion and dedication of Jesson Rosamund who, after a long career in the equestrian world as a competitor and then trainer, decided to devote himself to the breeding and training of saddle ponies.

With the help of some fellow enthusiastic professionals, Jesson Rosamund ponies are now bred and groomed at our welcoming farm - ready to be paired with riding enthusiasts of all levels and ages.

We breed Esperia ponies - a native pony breed of the Aurunci and Ausoni mountains near Esperia in the province of Frosinone in Lazio.

The sweetest nature, good physical strength and a highly positive attitude are the known qualities of this delightful breed.

These ponies have a long and interesting tradition in the field of Italian horse breeding since their recognised characteristics are famously sought after in the horse racing and Equestrian world.

Interested in horse riding lessons? Visit us in Senna Comasco!

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